How The DECTA Payment Gateway Benefits Your Business

In difficult economic times of downsizing and globalization, DECTA Payment Gateway is a uniquely appropriate choice for online merchants who wish to transition their business to e-Commerce. With a single merchant account, customers can get online access to a complete range of services to help them make their shopping experience more enjoyable. Deciding on a gateway is important for any merchant, but DECTA has the best customer support to ensure that customers stay with your site.

For a smooth transition from offline commerce to an online business, the DECTA Payment Gateway is essential. To facilitate a seamless transition from offline commerce to an online business accept credit card payments online, DECTA provides a single day merchant account opening to all businesses that have at least a few thousand dollars in sales. With a dedicated customer support team, customers can get online access within a matter of minutes to a full array of services to help them make their shopping experience more enjoyable. The DECTA gateway also gives the customer easy access to a variety of tools to ensure that transactions run smoothly and customers are confident with the transaction.

DECTA’s gateway services are available for both credit cards and debit cards. The payment gateways allow you to accept payments either via e-check or direct deposit, as well as setting up automatic debits for customers and provide the ability for customers to pay with cash and e-checks. All of these features make DECTA payment gateway an ideal solution for many small businesses and those who wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by online commerce.

Whether your customers have an email address or use a physical address for their financial transactions, your business will benefit from the benefits offered by the DECTA payment gateway. From accepting credit card payments and e-checks to providing convenient online access, your business can make it easier for your customers to make their shopping experience easier. With the dedicated customer service team, your customers can get online access to a full range of services including the merchant account, e-check and direct deposit options, making their shopping more convenient and easy.

Businesses that use the DECTA e-payment service can also benefit from the ability to accept multiple payment types and accept multiple currencies. With DECTA gateway account, users can select from many different currencies and select the currency of their choice to create the ability to accept all the currencies available, or to select the currencies that they need to create a variety of payment options for customers.

Another great benefit of the DECTA gateway is the convenience and ease of use that comes with being able to accept any online payment option. Whether you are working with credit cards, cash, or even digital money like PayPal, having an easy, safe and secure payment gateway makes your online shopping experience easier, more convenient, and more secure. When you are ready to move your business online, DECTA’s payment gateway makes it easy to process payments, manage and track your customers’ accounts, and increase your revenue. With a single merchant account, you can quickly and easily create new merchant accounts, start accepting payments in a matter of minutes, and manage your merchant accounts securely with a dedicated customer service team.